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Affordable Dental Care

In today’s medical insurance environment, affordable dental care can be a challenge. If you are looking for solutions to your dental insurance and need to find flexible options for you and your family, the Liberty Program has what you need. By providing coverage you can use as a primary dental plan or to supplement your existing plan, you can save money and have access to costly cosmetic dentistry, dental implants and much more. Discounted dental insurance allows you to keep up your regular visits, and attend to routine checkups, so you can prevent dental issues before they occur. But if you need to have more complex dental work, now you don’t have to worry about the added expense. Many dental plans do not include coverage for cosmetic dentistry, and dental implants often fall under that category for insurers. The Liberty Program offers coverage for almost any type of dental procedure you might anticipate, and gives you the confidence to take on any dental challenge.

By entering into an agreement with dental insurers, the Liberty Program acts as an independent provider of discounted dental insurance. This gives you the opportunity to save on conventional dentistry, and gives you access to more involved dental work as well. Many insurers consider dental implants cosmetic dentistry, even though it is rapidly becoming one of the most popular and effective ways to replace missing teeth. As a more permanent and comfortable solution than crowns or dentures, dental implants are now widely popular, but can still be expensive. Sometimes preliminary dental work is needed to build up bone mass in the jaw prior to dental implant procedures. The Liberty Program has you covered.

Cosmetic dentistry also includes a wide variety of other options to help your smile, like laminates, caps, crowns, plates, and different types of dentures. Cosmetic cleaning techniques like bleaching and whitening make your smile shine and give you results that people notice.

There’s no pre approval or forms to fill out, and no coverage limits, so now it’s easier than ever to make sure you and your family can keep up with your dental health. Check out what the Liberty Program can do for you and start saving money on high quality, affordable dental care.

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