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Discounted Dental Treatments for Cosmetic Dentistry

Supplemental dental insurance programs can be very valuable in many situations where standard insurance plans are less reliable. For example, many insurance plans consider dental implants, now a fixture in modern tooth replacement technology, to be a cosmetic procedure. This may put dental implant in the cosmetic dentistry category, and subsequently no or only partial coverage will be available. Through the Liberty Program’s supplemental dental insurance program, you can be assured that nearly any type of dental problem will be eligible for discounted dental treatments including dental implants and other cosmetic dentistry like laminates and whitening programs. Expensive denture plates and bridges are also covered, as well as any type of technology or procedure that requires additional coverage like root canals and gum treatments.

Making sure that you and your family have the best dental coverage can be a real challenge in today’s insurance environment. By taking advantage of the Liberty Program’s arrangement with insurers, a supplemental dental insurance program gives you a simple way to keep full access to the best dental services available, from routine check-ups and cleanings to more advanced procedures. Now you won’t have to worry whether it‘s covered by a standard plan. A supplemental dental insurance program from the Liberty Program adds up to peace of mind and savings on your dental expenses over the long term.

Because dental implants have become so widely accepted as the best tooth replacement option in many circumstances, the categorization of cosmetic dentistry is increasingly problematic, and many patients have not been able to incorporate this valuable technology into their long term dental care. Dental implants are made of polymer ceramics and can precisely match the hardness color and shape of the original tooth. By anchoring the implant into the jawbone, it has a far greater permanence than traditional denture and can often be indistinguishable for the original tooth and require no additional maintenance.

When you review the wide range of discounted dental treatments available through the Liberty Program, you’ll see it offers the supplemental support you need, for dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, and more.

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