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Membership Information

Our program is designed to provide Americans with appropriate and affordable dental benefits. Our members enjoy heavily discounted dental services, delivered by highly qualified dental health care providers. Membership allows easy access to affordable dental care through our network of dental providers.


» A Crash Course In Dental Insurance

Affordable Dental Benefits

» A Word To The Wise
» Compare and Save
» Money Saving Potential
» Why Liberty Makes Sense
» Extensive Provider Network


A Crash Course In Dental Insurance

Traditional dental insurances usually carry with them a monthly premium of $40-$50. Yearly, the premiums can approach $600. The yearly maximums for the traditional insurance plans are typically in the range of $1500. For those of you who are a little confused, that equates to a maximum potential benefit of $900. That means that your insurance company may pay up to $1500 for the year, but you have already paid in $600. That $600 gets paid to them whether you use the coverage or not. In addition, there are typically percentage "co-pays" and of course, a deductible.

Traditional dental insurance companies are not in business to loose money?they are betting that they will have to payless than $600 yearly toward your dental services. That means that at the end of the year, you have paid $600, and gotten less than $600 worth of dental services paid for by your company. Again, it is easy to see why insurance companies are making such huge profits.

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A Word To The Wise

If you are currently covered under a traditional dental plan, check your percentage co-pay under the category of "major" treatment. Typically 50% of "major" work is covered. What you as a patient don't know is what dental services fall under the category of "major" work, and 50% of what fee charged will you be responsible for.

Under almost all traditional insurances, crowns(caps) and bridges will fall into the "major" category. Typically the fee charged for a crown is $800. Now, if you factor in your 50% responsibility, your paying $400 out of your pocket for your crown, o?n top of your deductible (usually $50), which totals $450?not a bad price for a crown?but you forgot about your yearly premium of $600. Your crown just cost you $1050!

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Compare and Save

Under the Liberty Program, there are no yearly maximums, no deductibles and no percentages to worry about. You know what fee will be charged simply by looking at the fee schedule. To be fair, let's see how much a crown would cost under the Liberty Program. Let's assume that you have enrolled in the Liberty Program as a single member. Your annual premium of $100 o?n top of the Liberty Member fee for a crown of $575 totals $675. That's a savings of $375?per crown. Imagine the savings if you need extensive treatment.

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Money Saving Potential

Membership into the Liberty Program also works in conjunction with an already existing dental insurance plan. Remember when we explained the percentages of "major" work (usually 50%) for most traditional companies. Those percentages would now be of the reduced Liberty member fee for services. For example, the out of pocket fee for a crown (cap) with a percentage of major treatment at 50% would be o?nly $287.50 for Liberty members (the fee for a crown under the Liberty Program is $575).

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Why Liberty Makes Sense

As mentioned, there is no yearly maximum with Liberty. You don't have to worry about postponing treatment or waiting for a new calander year for your benefits to renew?you always have coverage. There are no deductibles or waiting periods?your coverage begins immediately. COSMETIC dentistry is a covered service. Traditional insurance companies do not cover cosmetic procedures. If you are thinking about a smile makeover, the Liberty Program can save you thousands of dollars. From bleaching of teeth to cosmetic veneers, all cosmetic procedures are covered. Not many other dental programs can offer you that.

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Extensive Provider Network

Our network of participating providers is extensive and easy to access. All of our contracted privately practicing dentists have been carefully screened and undergone strict credentialing procedures. All participating dentists have agreed to abide by and accept the terms of the Liberty Program.

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