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Supplemental Dental Insurance Coverage

With rising health care costs it’s good to know you can get affordable dental treatments through supplemental dental insurance coverage with The Liberty Program. By establishing a relationship with insurers and participating dentists, The Liberty Program is able to offer a significant discount on most types of dental care, from routine checkups to more advanced procedures, including dental implants and other types of cosmetic dentistry. There’s no pre-approval or forms to fill out. With no coverage limit, you can visit the dentist any number of times you may need in a year, with no yearly maximum. The list of dental clinics that accept The Liberty Program is extensive and continually growing. Once you sign up, you can start saving right away on high quality dental care for you and your family.

One of the key problems with most types of dental plans is the issue of cosmetic dentistry. While teeth whitening and lamineers may be more simply identified as cosmetic and therefore elective procedures, advancements such as dental implants offer a significant improvement over dentures in most cases. Dental implants allow for a more permanent installation of replacement teeth than dentures and do not require daily removal and maintenance. With no special care other than brushing your teeth as usual, dental implants also perform an important mechanical function in chewing and eating. Depending on the scope, dental implants can be used to replace just one tooth, a series of teeth in one linked set, or even a whole upper or lower plate. Dental implants do not shift around in the mouth like dentures, and remove the discomfort associated with fitted plates. With more than a merely cosmetic function, it seems like dental implants should be considered as an essential dental procedure, but they are still regarded as cosmetic dentistry by the insurance industry and are often not covered by many dental insurance plans. The Liberty Program’s supplemental dental insurance coverage provides savings for all types of cosmetic dentistry.

Sign up with The Liberty Program today to receive the best possible dental care, including cosmetic dentistry and dental implants.

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